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Network connection options, which should I choose. [Was: Network help]

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  • Network connection options, which should I choose. [Was: Network help]

    I am working at a company that has 3 sites, 2 across the street from each other and another several blocks away.

    Site 1 is the main building and has
    1. all the Servers
    2. a T1 line for phone and a VPN to building 2 (across the street)
    3. a Cable modem with a VPN/firewall (sonic wall)
    4. several fixed addresses (users PC's also)
    5. some dynamic IPs

    Site 2 across the street from main building has
    1. T1 line for phones and VPN to building 1

    Site 3 has
    1. DSL with a VPN/firewall (sonic wall)

    My questions are
    1. What is the difference between T1 and cable modem - cable is faster, T1 can do phones also is all I can think of
    2. The company has my docs and desktop on the server for building 1&2 but not 3 due to speeds, so building 1&2 get good backups but not 3. I was thinking of installing a local file server at each building for their profiles for easier backups.

    At this point the company has limited network traffic (only 25 computers) but they are expanding to add 100 more in the next few years and adding other remote sites. Is the cable/dsl with the VPN a good way to go?

    suggestions, comments or anything of help.


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    Re: Network help

    Wikipedia can answer most of your questions, but in summary:

    T1 is a dedicated line (guaranteed bandwidth), whereas cable is shared with your neighbors, and the top speed is not guaranteed.

    Yes, a file server for an offsite branch is a good idea. You can do night backups to your main server(s) and/or use a different backup solution, e.g. an online one.
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      Re: Network help

      If you're going to be adding so many new users I would definitely think about upgrading the infrastructure as well as placing file servers in buildings 2 & 3. T1 or better yet, fiber optic connections between all locations.

      Scalability, reliability and security are good arguments when speaking to those in charge of the money