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Softgrid 4.5 Beta in Windows 2008

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  • Softgrid 4.5 Beta in Windows 2008

    Good afternoon,

    I encountered a few issues installing the Softgrid beta on a Windows 2008 VM. Nothing major but I figured posting it here could help out someone feeling aggravated !

    1 - Install the Web server (IIS) role with and every service under management tools, including EVERYTHING related to IIS6.

    2 - Installing SQL express 2005 sp2(well unless your setup has a dedicated sql which isn't the case of my lab) will warn you about possible problems with the OS you are using. Ignore that warning.

    3 - The softgrid setup warns you about mmc 3.0 being required, but it is already installed in 2008! Ignore the warning

    4 - If you have issues with the setup not being able to create the virtual directory in IIS, what I had to do in one case was to remove IIS completely, and to reinstall it with all IIS6 tools as just installing the IIS6 compatibility stuff didn't seem to work. Another cause can apparently be DCOM component permission issues, Network service needs to be able to launch the IIS Admin service. I read about that in a MS forum thread, but I haven't experienced that issue.

    5 - The Softgrid server service does not start ! The SoftGrid Virtual Application Server service terminated with service-specific error 268480357 (0x1000AF65).

    I have this issue in my lab. I can start the service manually. I set it to Automatic Delayed start, thinking it probably depends on some other stuff that doesn't start fast enough, which would be surprising in a final version but very probable in a Beta, especially installed on 2008 on top of that. That did not do the trick. Inspecting the softgrid logs I found this:

    [2008-04-30 10:38:29.424] SERVER2 1804 1872 SW_SQLDataConnection::Open - - - - 2 41494 "Failed to establish a connection to the data source: (Server: SERVER2\SQLEXPRESS, Database: SOFTGRID).

    Ha-hah ! It starts before SQL of course on a real deployment you won't have that issue as you will have a dedicated SQL.

    So I went to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Servic es\SoftGridServer

    I added a new Multi string key called DependOnService with value MSSQL$SQLEXPRESS and SQLBrowser (since the express version of SQL uses dynamic ports even for the default instance) . After reboot, the services started properly.

    For the lazy..ahem efficient ones out there, you could create a .reg file with this in it and import it:

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    So basically follow the Trial Guide included with the Beta, but install IIS as specified here, as the guide is meant more for Windows 2003 with IIS6, and make sure the services start in the right order!
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    Re: Softgrid 4.5 Beta in Windows 2008

    Seems like the development department has a lot of work to do.

    What's new in version 4.5 ?

    Does it include the functionality of some useful tools from LoginConsultants?


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      Re: Softgrid 4.5 Beta in Windows 2008

      I would not be able to tell you as I was not a Softgrid user!

      I think I have heard something about the ability to make MSI packages of virtual apps and something about Dynamic Suites, which lets you make a package for a pre-requisite to other packages and link them together, instead of making the pre-requisite directly into each package..
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        Re: Softgrid 4.5 Beta in Windows 2008

        In previous versions the application could only access data in its own buble or directly on the operating system. This meant that if you where to virtualize applications that depend on ther applications (like oracle clients), you had to make this client available on the OS or within the virtual buble of the demanding application. Virtual bubles could not communicate to each other. This is solved in Version 4.5. So you can virtualize an application that depends on an oracle client in one buble, while virtualizing the oracle client in a seperate virtual buble.
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