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How to Synchronise E-Mail across a LAN

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  • How to Synchronise E-Mail across a LAN

    I have XP Pro SP2 desktop and laptop , both of which are linked wirelessly in a LAN

    I have Outlook Express installed on both machines in identical paths , i.e. the file "msimn.exe" is on the path :-

    C:\Program Files\Outlook Express

    and the ".dbx" files are in :-

    C:\D&S\User Name\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{...reg folder...}\Outlook Express.

    Both of the Outlook Express Folders are set as "shares" and the ".dbx" files associated with their relevant Folders can be seen on each machine but not the data contained within these files.

    The "inbox.dbx" files are not identical on both machines as the laptop has more recent messages than the desktop.

    What I would like to do is to be able to see all the messages , for instance , which exist on the laptop Inbox on the desktop Inbox.

    However , when I click on the laptop "inbox.dbx" file which I see on the desktop using the LAN path "\\laptop\Outlook Express" I get the message:-

    "Windows cannot open this file ...."

    My question is , therefore , how can I synchronise the O.E. Folder Contents between two machines existing on a LAN in such a way that , the data contained in each .dbx file is made transparent on the other machine ?


    There are also O.E. Folders other than the Inbox Folder which I would also like to have synchronised - I merely use the Inbox Folder as a typical example here.

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    Re: How to Synchronise E-Mail across a LAN

    I don't believe you can do that with OE.... but why not just setup the email account on both computers and use an IMAP service?

    PS - moved to the Misc. forum

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