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Acronis OS Selector || competent partitioning

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  • Acronis OS Selector || competent partitioning

    i need my d:\500GB drive partitioned to install linux and unix variants.

    i tried to partition d:\ using the downloaded version of acronis disk director suite 10.0, and it's add-on OS Selector 8.0. The latter thoroughly discombobulated my MBR; coupled with acronis' promised tech support being non-existent for three weeks, my computer was unused for 3 weeks and my bank has charged back the full purchase price .. but i digress.

    C:\250GB is my primary, holding Vista-32, and Vista also has laid claim to all 500GB of d:\ (don't ask), and i have been using d:\ vista alot so i guess the strategy is to resize the d:\ vista partition and then create 3 or 4 additional d:\ partitions. it would be nicer still if i can move d:\Vista back onto c:\

    as i will no longer use acronis for this purpose, please offer your competent thoughts on the identity of the partitioining program of choice, how to partition my d:\, and how to effect the installation of the linux's and unix's.

    btw, has anyone else had bad experiences with OS Selector, or acronis generally?