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CA ARCserve SP3 Disaster Recovery problem

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  • CA ARCserve SP3 Disaster Recovery problem

    Server - Win2k3 SP3 (Build 4402)
    Client - WinXP Pro SP3 (Build 4402)

    Backups are written to disk.

    I are having a problem testing the Disaster Recovery on the test systems since upgrading to SP3. I get into the Disaster Recovery Wizard, Select the system to restore, select the session to restore, then click on the Start Disaster Recovery button and it pops up a dialogue box "Please mount media 4/01/08 11:45 AM, ID ####, sequence @1."

    The question is should I even get this dialogue since the backups are saved to disk?

    If yes, how do I go about mounting the media. CA has been of no real help.