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  • Missing file

    One of my employees was working on a file (Quark Epxress) that is (was) saved to the server drive. User was just editing the file every day little by little. Today after he finshed editing and tried to save it it give him error "Disk Error can't save" and asked to reboot his PC. After the reboot the file wanished. I did a search on the whole server and the file is nowhere to be found. There is no back in place.
    Is there any way to recover or find that file. It was not deleted. It just wanished.
    Thank you

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    Re: Missing file

    If you are running Windows 2003 server and have enable Shadow Copy, then it can be recovered.

    If you search the site you might find the name of a network recovery program. I seem to remember it being mentioned but not the name.
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      Re: Missing file

      If the file is vital, DO NOT DO ANYTHING ON THE SERVER
      Turn it off (at the plug, not START-SHUTDOWN)
      Remove the hard drive
      Get some specialist data recovery software on another PC (e.g. Easy Recovery, GetDataBack, )
      Install the drive as an additional or external one
      Use the specialist software to try to recover the file

      As Biggles said, IF you have enabled shadow copies, and if the file existed long enough to be caught by a shadow copy, you may be able to get it back that way. On a client, open the server folder where the file should be, Right Click, select Properties, look for a "Previous Versions" tab
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        Re: Missing file

        It should probably be noted that it may be necessary to install the client software in order to be able to see and access the "Previous Versions" tab which you can find on any Server 2003 system in the following location: