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    I am thinking about using Logmein software as a main remote connection for my users and myself. I know VPN is the best way to go but our connection in the office is Business DSL therefore it's very slow when I tried to use VPN.
    Has anybody heard about logmein security issues and what can you recommend for safe remote connections.

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    Re: Logmein software

    Are you using the free version or buying a license? Just make sure you have a real secure password (mine was just over 20 characters, uppercase, lowercase and alphanumeric) and don't leave it written down anywhere. Also had a specific email account that was only used for LogMeIn and was not used or known anywhere else.

    LogMeIn is still going to be slow as it is using the same DSL connection. Remote Desktop is also an option to consider.
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      Re: Logmein software

      For some reasons logmein works much faster then remote desktop over VPN or any other VPN based apllications (VNC, etc)


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        Re: Logmein software

        Originally posted by maxim42 View Post
        For some reasons logmein works much faster then remote desktop over VPN or any other VPN based apllications (VNC, etc)
        AFAICT LogMeIn renders the entire screen locally, just like terminal services... this minimises the data to be sent on the network. VNC and others like it actually send screen content down the wires and redraw it at the other end. This takes time and processor power.

        This gives the illusion of speed to TS and LogMeIn.

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          Logmein software - great sucess

          I don't want to advertise for logmein, but I've been using it for about 1 year now and I can remote in and use Symantec, but RDC won't let me do installs and Symantec console.

          I've had great sucess with this. I have most everyone's computer on here and I can support our remote locations easily. I have most locations and some users on seperate groups so they can remote into their own computer on the same account, but they only see their computer.

          What you do is, set up a group for just that user.
          Create an administrator/user and setting for only one group to view. Each user can have his/her own username and password, but there is only 1 account. I'm using the free version, and have had no problems. I don't know if I want to pay for the full version. File transport is handy, but thats pretty pricy.
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