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IE 6 & 7 - .aspx - XP Home Hair-puller

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  • IE 6 & 7 - .aspx - XP Home Hair-puller

    I have a customer computer on the bench. XP Home V2002 SP2 - fully updated. IE7 and firefox browsers.

    Problem: Customer cannot go into secure areas of some websites. He can navigate to any other website on line. He can navigate from link to link within the same websites outside the secure areas, etc.

    Example1: has two links on the site that takes you into secure areas "My Reservations" and "My Profile". When the user goes to and clicks on my reservations the progress bar shows half processed, never goes to the secure webpage. Times out. Give the IE "Diagnose problem" page.

    I can go to any other computer in the building and have no difficulty accessing the secure areas on this web page.

    All IE settings have compared to the machines that will access the site and nothing is different.

    All IE settings have been reset numerous times. All temp files, browser history, cookies, yadda yadda yadda..... have been deleted numerous times.

    IE 7 was reverted back to IE6 - no luck there either.

    All security features have been turned off... firewall, website checking, the whole ball of wax..... still nothing.

    Trusted sites have been added and it doesn't help.

    All .net and asp updates applied on 12-17-07 were removed.

    The same site and procedures have been tried in firefox on the same machine. It doesn't work in firefox, so I am not sure it is an IE issue .... Maybe an OS issue.

    However, at this point I am scratching my head. I can't find a setting, update, or feature within either to prevent the customer from going into certain secures areas of only a handful of websites.

    Any ideas, clues, barn-farts, would be greatly appreciated!
    Currently working towards CISSP
    Certified Network Specialist
    Security+ Certified

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    Re: IE 6 & 7 - .aspx - XP Home Hair-puller

    nevermind.... fixed it finally

    run Windows Services Fix and run Windows firewall fix tool to reset Windows Firewall back to default it finally works.
    Currently working towards CISSP
    Certified Network Specialist
    Security+ Certified