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Not able to print using https

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  • Not able to print using https

    I have users accessing my secure website and when they try to print reports, they get an error.
    When they run a report, the report was rendered successfully and it could be exported to a PDF. When I try the print button, the print dialog will display with a choice of printers. Once I select the printer and click OK, the following error shows: An error occurred during printing. (0x800C0005).
    I am using report viewer in a Web app with report server on the same box.

    When I tested this internally - not typing https but only http - then printing would work just fine. Is there a way on my ISA Server configuration that I can setup to pass this printing command through? Whether I am sitting internal or external - as soon as I add https//website then printing fails.

    Thanks for your time.


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    Re: Not able to print using https

    i can only guess, but it sounds like there is a port problem. you said youre using ISA... any other products? i see this error in one m$ forum:

    have you enabled print logging for your clients?

    most people i see with similar errors have an SSL acceleration device or bigIP or some appliance involved...

    not much help.. sorry.
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      Re: Not able to print using https

      Hi James

      Thank you for the information.

      Yes I do have logging enabled and I get the following string: (part of logfile)

      CResourceManager::ResetCulture - Ending Function: 0x00000000.
      Url =
      API call m_httpRequest->send failed 0x800C0005. (765))

      Should the port be different?

      Also, I am not using BigIP or acceleration SSL

      I also attached the full log file


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