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Slideshow Defunct Win XP Home

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  • Slideshow Defunct Win XP Home

    My laptop running Win XP Home SP2 has just been entirely reinstalled with extra memory. It is working more happily than for an eternity. But the View As Slideshow option does not produce a slideshow. The slideshow function is working as it can be accessed by previewing a picture then choosing Slideshow.

    I have tried from the My Pictures folder directory. I have tried every combination possible of old pics/new pics/My Pics Folder/My Pics sub-folder with no success. Both Photo & Picture View Options have been equally unsucessful.

    How can I get View As Slideshow directly from folder running as it should.

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    Re: Slideshow Defunct Win XP Home

    Hi D,

    Try the following mate it may help:

    Rename the folder containing the pictures.
    Create a new folder or subfolder and put the pictures in it, try running the slideshow from there.
    Delete the hidden thumbs.db file, there will be one in each directory containing pictures.

    These fixes have helped me with similar issues.

    Let us know.


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      Re: Slideshow Defunct Win XP Home

      Thx Mouse.

      The various combos & formats of folders didn't do anything.

      One oddity that may point at an answer is the lack of Thumbs in any Pic folder. Yeah I did do the Show Hidden but they just aren't there.

      Any imput from anyone very welcome.