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  • Outlook Express

    I use Outlook as my email client and have my POP and HTTP mail imported to there. When I set it up, I can choose the option to ask for a receipt from the recipient…which I believe you get on my mails to you? As you know, the recipient can choose to not send a receipt in spite of the request so I can’t always tell if my mail has been read or not. Another option on the actions menu, is to recall an unread email but this is only available if both parties are using Outlook, so if I send to someone who uses a web based email client, I can’t recall the message.

    Do you know of any way I can confirm whether email is being read or not?

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    Re: Outlook Express

    In general, if the recipient does not want to send a receipt, you wont get one. There are 3rd party programs (e.g. which work by putting a small graphic in the message -- the server hosting the graphic then checks for its being downloaded.

    Of course, the recipient could block automatic downloading of images....
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      Re: Outlook Express

      May I ask why is title of the thread "Outlook Express" which is a different program from Outlook? Not trying to be picky (honest!!!) but it is worth getting this clarified as they are very different beasts.
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        Re: Outlook Express

        Thanks I was enquiring on behalf of a friend who is a Nurse in Leeds UK.

        It would never hav occured to me the section ' Outlook ' which to me could mean anything was meant to refer to Outlook Express !!