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Strange Email Problem

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  • Strange Email Problem

    Hi Everybody

    Recently I have started to have a weird problem with emails sent to one of our domains being delayed or not delivered at all, but this only happens when the emails are sent from certain email services (gmail is one of them). When the same email is sent to our other domain there is no problem with delivery at all. A different ISP hosts each domain.

    I have checked the MX record for the domain that is giving the problem and it is has the correct record within DNS and also resolves to our IP address. The ISP says it must be a problem with our Exchange Server but I am confused with this because surely if this was the problem then mail sent to our other domain would also be affected?

    I would welcome any suggestions or advice that anyone has regarding this issue and thank you in advance.

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    Re: Strange Email Problem

    what is the ISP?

    i have the biggest problem with bellsouth. they constantly send NDRs and randomly dont accept messages...

    i can receive a message from [email protected], but when i reply ill get an NDR saying that the message cannot be delivered, etc, etc...

    they tell me that it *must* be my exchange server, because they are setup correctly...

    i beg to differ.
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      Re: Strange Email Problem

      I would also check Spam Blacklists. We share a subnet with another school and they have caused us be be blacklisted with Go Daddy.

      I can receive mail from Go Daddy Accounts but when I attempt to Reply, Forward, or just Send back to them, I receive NDR's on the account of "Spam Attacks"...
      Hope this helps.


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        Re: Strange Email Problem

        Hi James & Nate

        Thanks for responding guys.

        The ISP is called Active 24, and to be honest I have never had a problem before this occurred. I have checked our anti-spam software (Symantec) and can say quite confidently that this is not causing the problem. Also because mail comes through without issue to our other domain that is hosted by another company I fairly sure that the problem lies with Active.

        To be honest I think that if no real solution can be found we may just have to move the domain to the other ISP. It really stinks that there is no obvious reason as to why this should be happening though which is why I would love to find an answer.