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A org without a windows PC

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  • A org without a windows PC

    [sorry to ask my question here. I didn't find any other category for this]

    Do you aware of any company which runs without a windows PC? or with minimum no. of windows PC?

    I just want to find out the possibility of running a organization only with Linux/Mac pcs


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    Re: A org without a windows PC

    Sure, you can run with all Mac or Linux machines under the following circumstances:

    1. All users dress like Mr. Spock from Star Trek
    2. All users are socially akward
    3. All users can calculate all the degrees of Pi... in binary
    4. all users have Steve Jobs and Linus Torvalds on their Christmas card mailing list


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      Re: A org without a windows PC

      Theoretically, there is nothing that can prevent you from having an entire organization with PCs based on something else than Windows. And it doesn't have to look like what joeqwerty suggested But it might

      But there are a lot of questions that you should answer before getting a serious answer:
      - what hardware are you using?
      - how many employees do you have?
      - what do they do (what is their main job)?
      - what is their primarily software they use?
      - what other-than-local (not to call then "networked") resources do they access?
      - WHY do you ask?

      Sorin Solomon

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        Re: A org without a windows PC

        i have a few buddies that run MAC only offices... they do graphics design and dont have the need for a windows PC. i feel different about that... but it works for them. also, they have no need for mail servers and such. this played a critical role in the decision to have no windows PCs/servers.

        i have another friend that runs only severs and has no windows boxs at all. he runs Linux FTP, DNS, mail relay and apache web hosting. he's an ISP. he just recently had me set up a windows server to host exchange with the intent of activesync and smartphones... as this is needed for compatibility with WM5/6 devices.

        it just depends...

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          Re: A org without a windows PC

          Of course you can't reach anyone there on the weekends as they're all at the local Sc-Fi convention. LOL.