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Bypass my GPO floppy restrictions

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  • Bypass my GPO floppy restrictions

    Anyone know how I can bypass the GPO restriction on my work computer.
    Apparently the corporate geniuses decided that floppy disks are EVIL by CD-ROMs are from heaven! So they set a GPO to block access to the floppy drive from all workstations.
    I need my floppy back! I have partial admin rights in my computer but I can't seem to get that floppy back!
    IT won't give me permission so that's not an option and I can't access the registry either.
    ~Smilin' Steve

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    If this policy has been set by your IT department then we should not be helping you to bypass their security. You also might find that breaching/bypassing network security caould be a dismissable offence. If you really need your floppy drive, it would be best to talk to your IT guys and explain why you need access to it.
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