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Lockdown or Manage Live Messenger

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  • Lockdown or Manage Live Messenger

    Does anybody know of a way to manage how users can use Windows Live Messenger? We need some sort of IM software, and Communications Server is out of our pricerange.


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    Re: Lockdown or Manage Live Messenger

    Perhaps you would like to explain what you are trying to achieve and the composition of your network/domain.
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      Re: Lockdown or Manage Live Messenger

      I have a number of users that would benefit from having IM software to communicate with their peers, and/or supervisors. However, I am mindful of the security issues that arise with using Live Messenger. I am wondering if there is a way to lock down Windows Live Messenger, so that either they can't communicate with users outside of our network, or that I can control their contacts lists, so they can't add any new contacts without approval.

      My network setup is pretty standard. Win2003 domain, XP workstations, Exchange 2003. No content filters on internet traffic or anything like that.



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        Re: Lockdown or Manage Live Messenger

        Windows Live Messenger is a toy; designed for home users to engage with distant friends. It has no corporate features (such as setting boundaries on who you can connect to and what can be done with it) at all. Also it requires a connection to Microsoft's MSN Live servers to function.

        Older versions of Exchange incorporated messaging features which would allow you to incorporate Windows Messenger into your messaging system; however Microsoft felt that these features could best be provided and developed in a separate system so they created Live Communications Server and Office Communicator.

        If you want the business flexibility of Messenger and the technical flexibility to make security and safety changes to the infrastructure, you really have no choice but to go for LCS/Office Communicator. However, I am pretty sure that Microsoft is not the only vendor offering a corporate-friendly Instant Messaging solution... why not look around for alternative products?
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