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Office 2003 - New Enhanced Setup

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  • Office 2003 - New Enhanced Setup

    Being a newbie just wanted to know this site is awesome.

    For the question of the day, I am trying to get Office 2003 tweaked for install on a machine I am ghosting. I have created and MST file that works well so that is good.
    I downloaded the new enhanced "entsetup" or "setup.exe" for office 2003 and want to use the options so that users can't delete the cache source and a couple others. I just don't know how to use the new setup. I created an admin install point and slipstreamed sp1 into it using a MS volume license disk. So I now have a new folder office2003 just with the files to install office 2003 pro. On the volume disk there is a ton of other junk. Now I want to create a new setup.ini or modify the existing and use the new setup.exe. The only .exe I have in my folder is setuppro.exe and if I put the new one where that is it doesn't have a .ini file to work with, so I browsed to \\office2003\files\setup folder and put it there but it can't use the setuppro.ini. I then copied and renamed that to just setup.ini and it may work but is this right, or can you just rename setup.exe to setuppro.exe?