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How to disable Windows Mail

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  • How to disable Windows Mail

    I recently purchased PC-Cillin online and downloaded it. When I try to run the file in order to complete the installation I get a message that says "You cannot install or remove the program with Windows Mail running. Close Windows Mail and then click Retry to continue." I have Windows Vista Basic and the program I purchased is PC-Cillin Internet Security 2008. (32 bit). Can someone please talk me through how to complete the installation. Thank you!

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    Re: How to disable Windows Mail

    during the install, turn off email scanning...

    you may have to choose the advanced setup to see the option, but im not sure. i use pc-cillin at home, but i have officescan at work, so i cant check right now.

    or check and see if there is a service called "windows mail" and disable it for the install..

    im not very familiar with all the vista services yet, sorry.

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