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Backup Exec 11d restore exchange mailbox problem

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  • Backup Exec 11d restore exchange mailbox problem

    Good morning.
    Backup exec 11d trial version installed on Server 2000 for test period before upgrade.
    All backup jobs are successfull. Today I am trying to restore specific masage from one of the mailboxes and I got the following error.
    "Job failed-unsufficient disk size".
    There are anough space on the disk, no disk quota enabled.

    I tried to restore file not from mailbox and the job was successfully completed.
    This issue never heppened with previous backup exec version.

    Any suggistion?

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    Re: Backup Exec 11d restore exchange mailbox problem

    Depending on the size of your mailbox store this could be the problem. 11D has to "stage" the entire mailbox store in order to restore a single message. When you set up the restore job there is an option for selecting the "staging" directory. Make sure you point it to a location that has enough disk space for the entire mailbox store.


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      Re: Backup Exec 11d restore exchange mailbox problem

      yes I have read about it.
      But from the other side I have been visiting in the other companies, that runs backup exec 11d on servers that have less then 5 Gb and it working fine.
      So I thought may be I should disable the "staging files" options (If it exist)

      any opinions???


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        Re: Backup Exec 11d restore exchange mailbox problem

        It's not an option you can turn off, it's built into the way 11D works. If you want to use the GRT and be able to restore individual items from the mailbox store, then you have to have a staging path that is large enough for the entire mailbox store. Below is some info from 11D Help:

        If you checked Enable the restore of individual mail messages and folders from Information Store backups on the backup job properties, and if the backup job was sent to a device other than a backup-to-disk folder, then Backup Exec must temporarily stage the entire database to a path on the media server to extract individual items.

        Because of the potentially large file sizes that are created in the staging location path, system volumes should not be used as a staging location.

        To enter the path, on the Restore Job Properties pane, under Settings, click Advanced, and then enter a path in Path on media server for staging temporary restore data when restoring individual items from tape.


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          Re: Backup Exec 11d restore exchange mailbox problem

          Yes, I made some researches and found that you have to have free space on your disk at least size of your backup job (information store in my case).

          To solve this problem you can by enable option "legasy mailbox store".

          But in this case you are loosing all the advantages of 11d version "GRT Technology"