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Dual NIC vs. External router

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  • Dual NIC vs. External router

    I am in the process of building / setting up a server for the first time. I am using Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard. The server will be in my home for pseudo-commercial use (websites and whatnot, but nothing major), and there will also be 1 desktop and 2 laptops (separate from the server) for personal use. I was wondering which setup would be most appropriate:

    Incoming static IP --> Incoming NIC card on Server --> Server --> Outgoing NIC card on Server --> Netgear router --> Home PC's (both wired and wireless)

    Incoming static IP --> Netgear router --> Incoming NIC card on Server (on port 1) & Home PC (on port 2) and laptops

    I plan on the server being segregated, so a portion will be used as a personal file server and another portion will host webpages. If there's another hardware configuration that would work better, I'm all ears.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Dual NIC vs. External router

    I would forget about the 2nd NIC and just use the router.


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      Re: Dual NIC vs. External router

      I say one NIC too, Since every time you reboot you would loose internet...
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