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Partitioning an SD card...

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  • Partitioning an SD card...

    so im having a problem and i cant seem to google the answer for the life of me...

    i have a t-mobile MDA. the MDA has a card slot for additional storage on the top. its a miniSD flash card, in a 2 gig size.

    one morning im standing in front of fourbuck$ sipping my greatly overpriced coffee breakfast and on the ground i see a 4 gig card! hellz yeah... (i asked the guys at the cingular store if they had recently sold one, and they said no, so i tried to return it. theyre only $25 anyways... 3 or 4 coffees )

    i take it back to the office, and its empty. empty as can be...

    well, the thing that sucks is that the MDA doesnt recognize a partition over 2 gigs. 1st idea that came to mind was fdisk, but low and behold, it wont recognize the card...

    i tried partition magic... UBCD, qtparted, and even the windows disk management.

    what can i use to create a partition table on a miniSD or the like with?
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    Re: Partitioning an SD card...

    I'm 99.44% certain you cannot partition a "Removable" drive.



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      Re: Partitioning an SD card...

      You can if you have the correct software. May daughter has a 2GB card she uses for school except the scan it when inserted and delete MP3s etc. So I used the supplied softare and partitioned it into a 256KB visible partition and the rest it undetectable and unavailable until a file in the visible partition is run and the password entered. Then it becomes 2 removable drives.

      Who makes the card? See if they have partitoning software for the card on their site.
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        Re: Partitioning an SD card...

        i used to be able to partition flash drives... i have a 512M that appears as 2x256M drives... i dont remember exactly what i did, but i think i used qtparted to do it.

        i will check out the SD site and see if they have such a tool.

        thanks for the help guys.
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        its easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission.
        Give karma where karma is due...