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Swapping VRM's in servers.

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  • Swapping VRM's in servers.


    Here is my setup.

    Server 1
    IBM xseries 232
    2.256 GB RAM
    1.13Ghz P3 Tualatin Processor
    w/ Processor Terminator in second socket.

    Server 2
    Dell Poweredge 1650
    2GB RAM
    Dual 1.13Ghz P3 Tualatin Processors.

    We are looking to upgrade Server 1 by adding another 1.13Ghz Tualatin. I have the processor, but I do not have the VRM to go with it, at least not a VRM that is specific to the IBM x232 Server.

    My question, how much differenence is there between VRM's for different systems that use the same processor. Like my Servers above, they use the same processor but obviously not the exact same internal components. Can I take a VRM out of the Dell server and put it in the IBM server? Judging from images the pin layout seems to be the same, as in it looks like the Dell VRM will physically fit into the slot on in the IBM x232.

    Those IBM VRM's are hard to find, although I keep running across VRM's for Dell servers.

    I feel pretty stupid asking this question, I think the answer should be very obvious but I'm not seeing it. If it is obvious I will be sure to smack myself in the head.

    This is my first experience dealing with VRM's and I would hate to ruin something.

    Thank you in advance!

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    Re: Swapping VRM's in servers.

    You will need the same part number of IBM/Dell for VRM etc.
    Also, I recommended to consider to buy a new server instead upgrade the old "servers" that pass the vendor warranty.
    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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      Re: Swapping VRM's in servers.

      I was finally able to find the proper VRM for the IBM server.

      New servers? What are those?

      Nah, for what we're doing it's much more economical to reuse older hardware, even if it means doing some upgrades, than to purchase new servers. Nothing we do with the old hardware is mission critical.
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        Re: Swapping VRM's in servers.

        Originally posted by bill_sffcu View Post
        New servers? What are those?
        Bill, are we related, twins perhaps?
        1 1 was a racehorse.
        2 2 was 1 2.
        1 1 1 1 race 1 day,
        2 2 1 1 2