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    My situation: I have some of the instructors complain to me that students were browsing internet while they are talking. They want the student to be able to browse internet after the lecture.

    How can I accomplish that? The instructor runs an app and it will block IE from student machine...something. AD method or Free classroom application prefered.

    Please advise. Thanks alot.


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    same problem

    I investigated this and the only solution is expensive software or the use of an ISA server and that doesn't do it 100%, it seems you can't block internet access by user, only IP address and when you use roaming profiles that isn't any good.


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      Ello jonny_2good.
      Thanks alot for your reply bro. I've been devastating to look for a method or free application so the teachers can control the student desktop while they are teaching. I'll look into ISA solution. Thanks again bro.


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        other possibilities

        hello again

        there must be some freeware firwalls out there but ISA will help do all sorts from mail filtering to bandwidth control. You can just block stuff on a router but may stop everyone rather than just students but you may have a good router where you camn block by ip etc..
        Many education establishments use a product called "ranger" remote desktop where a lecturer can view all the students screens and send them messages, I believe microsoft do a version but not sure on cost