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Cannot send out emails

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  • Cannot send out emails

    My son cannot send out emails using Outlook Express but he can receive them. So a friend has setup a Hotmail account which does enable him to both send and receive. Although an email he tried to send me including a JPG attachment using the Hotmail has so far not reached me. He uses the UK Free Sky Broadband with Vista installed.

    Has anyone any suggestions as to the problem? I assume he may not have set up the Outlook Express outgoing parameters correctly, but several friends fail to see any problem as he keeps getting an error popup when attempting to send by Outlook Express.

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    Re: Cannot send out emails

    I would check your SMTP settings in Outlook Express.

    This would generally cause issues of not being able to send emails.


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      Re: Cannot send out emails

      Hotmail also has some restrictions on attachments that can be sent to the account. Don't know what exactly but sometime ago I had problems sending to a Hotmail account with the email being rejected due to an attachment.
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