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Create Transform File for Symantec Corporate Edition 10.1

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  • Create Transform File for Symantec Corporate Edition 10.1

    hello everyone!
    I have searched the above title on google and several other searches but have not been able to find instructions on how to create a transform file for Symantec Antivirus 10.x. I am not sure how to create Transform files for anything except Microsoft Office 2003 I have searched these forums and did not find the answer. I have also been on symantecs website with no luck. I may just be searching the wrong thing, I don't know.

    Is there a standard process for creating Transform files for all MSI packages or will it vary depending on the MSI? Do I need special software? Here is my setup and what I need to do:

    I have three sites, Site A has a server for AV called serverA, Site B has a server for AV called Server B, and so on. All servers are running windows 2003 and we are running and Active Directory 2003 network. I need to create a software package within Group policies for each site (there is an OU for each site) that will have the Symantec AV MSI package and Transform file for each site/OU. This Transform file will need to point to the corresponding server for each OU.

    I would greatly appreciate any help in creating Transform files for Symantec Antivirus. Thanks in advance! If you need any further info please let me know.
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