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isa 2000 has stopped blocking sites

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  • isa 2000 has stopped blocking sites

    sup kiddies,

    i have an isa server (no patches on isa) here on a wink2 (sp3) box and it has all of a sudden stopped blocking sites. i was hoping someone had a quick fix as i wanted this to hold together for a few more days while i fix some more important stuff.

    its a standalone box stitting on the network which just has the browser pointing to its ip ( very simple setup, its not even physically sitting between the network and the router ( so if you want to bypass the isa box click auto detect settings in ie and bobs your uncle.

    i've restarted the isa services to no avail.
    theres nothing in the event log.
    its still logging everything just not blocking the sites its suppose to.
    have deleted and recreated the rules

    theres not much i else i can tell anyone as i only started this job the other day and this place is a mess ...

    have you ever walked into a place and though it would be quicker to rebuild it from scratch?