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  • SMS email / sender: 701

    this is a little out of the norm for the forums, but i have a problem that you guys might have encountered...

    i have a user that i have issued an MDA. somehow, he has set up a fowarder to have email messages fowarded to his phone. i am not pleased. i have gotten the phone back, and now i have to reissue the phone to a co-worker and they are still getting the text messages, even after a format of the phone...

    the sender is "701" and the messages are simple emails... from: [email protected] sub: blah, blah, blah body: xxx, yyy, zzz.

    i have had him logon to his comcast account here and i verified he has no rules or fowarders in place. he doesnt use outlook at home (i thought maybe he had outlook on his computer and did it like that...)

    so do you guys have any way of finding out where the text messages are coming from? i have no clue where "701" is, and i am out of options and places to look.

    thanks guys.

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