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Registry Cleaners

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  • Registry Cleaners

    Are they really needed

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    Re: Registry Cleaners

    It's a matter of opinion. In MY opinion, no they're not. If your system's performance is poor and you think it's due to too many installs/removes and to general wear on the operating system, then rebuild it and start installing apps again - there's really no substitute for it.

    If that "Registry Cleaner" is really a trojan, or if it mis-identifies an orphaned registry key and instead deletes something essential, you're screwed and may lose a lot of data.

    In my view - trust your instincts. If you have to ask "do I really need this?" then you don't.

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      Re: Registry Cleaners

      I agree with Tom, its one of those things that you usually never need, if you are having issues, reinstall. But I have used them recently. Only the one within C Cleaner. YMMV
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