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Off the wall monitor question

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  • Off the wall monitor question

    We have a CNC machine that is having troubles with the monitor. It may take 15 minutes to turn on depending on the weather. The president of the company got on ebay and bought this adapter that converts the signal to vga so we can use a crt or lcd (according to the ad seen here: )

    It goes on to say: Only monitors that can accept 24.8kHz horizontal and 56.4 Hz vertical will work. Most modern monitors only sync down to 31.5 Khz on the horizontal frequency.

    I'm no monitor expert but it seems like there's no way that an lcd will go that low. Does anyone know how I can find a monitor that would actually work for this? I think if it were a crt it probably wouldn't fit in the little cubby deal in the cnc machine so I don't see this working at all. Basically, the pres is trying to avoid paying out the rear for a new tube for the CNC machine.

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    Re: Off the wall monitor question

    Search through the Newegg site. I have purchased many tens of thousands of dollars of stuff from them over the years and recommend them highly.

    Even if you buy elsewhere, they have such a broad selection that it's worth a look to get ideas.

    I spent <5 minutes and found this 19" LCD rated as follows:

    Horizontal Refresh Rate 24kHz - 80kHz
    Vertical Refresh Rate 50Hz - 75Hz

    The ivory color doesn't excite me nor do I have any experience with this brand of monitor BUT I'm confident there are others.


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      Re: Off the wall monitor question

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        Re: Off the wall monitor question

        Sorry, tried to pick the best part of the forum for this. Here is what the Dell tech replied with when I asked him the same question:

        Upon further research none of our monitors support that low of resolution.

        Even our CRT monitors didnít go that low.

        I was told that you may want to check with the CNCís manufacturer.

        The resolution you are looking for is 400x300.


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          Re: Off the wall monitor question

          Just stating the obvious but have you had a TV technician come on site and have a look at the monitor? May just be a faulty transitor that needs to be replaced.
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            Re: Off the wall monitor question

            No, he's right - the monitor will need to sync to 24Khz. Amigas, Atari ST's etc used to sync to 15Khz - TV speeds!

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