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  • Backup softwares.


    I've been looking for a backup software with the options of:

    1. Take partitions images
    2. Take real-time backup all days long (continous data protection) of changes
    3. Take backup of files/folders total, incremental, differential
    4. Can schedule all points stated above
    5. Can put backup to a NAS/SAN
    6. Decent price...

    So far i found 2 softwares that would be almost complete:

    Acronis True Image Enterprise
    Paragon Drive Backup Enterprise

    I would like to have your recommendations and comments on these programs or others programs.



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    Re: Backup softwares.

    Exactly what I'm looking for a peer to peer network with different software on each pc so I need 1 backup server that can access folders via intranet on different pc's.

    Acronis True Image Enterprise
    Paragon Drive Backup Enterprise
    Backup on this kind of environment ?
    can they execute it to a DVD burner or a tape ?


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      Re: Backup softwares.

      This brings up another question;

      Let's say i'm "ghosting" the partition of a win2k3 server where the OS and AD sits. If the server becomes unavailable (stolen, fire etc.). Since it won't be possible to put the ghost back on the new server, is it possible restore AD etc. with a ghost ?

      Which brings another point;

      Is there a backup solution that would backup the "system state" like the integrated backup utility in Windows to restore AD if the PDC disapears ?




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        Re: Backup softwares.

        I would not reccommend taking a ghost image of a Domain Controller, EVER. I would ALWAYS do a system state backup, create a new domain controller and do an authoritative restore... or if I had more than one I would promote a new server and let it replicate.

        Ghosting and DCs simply does not mix.

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          Re: Backup softwares.

          I know how much some of you like Symantec but they do have some decent solutions for backup out there.

          I currently run Backup Exec 10d with Exchange agent, Advanced Open File agent and also have the Continuous Protection Server 10d running against our file server and haven't had any issues with it.

          I am going to possilby be upgrading the above to 11d which has CPS Support for Exchange and also has an AD Agent for protecting the AD Database (no clue on how it handles complete AD Rebuilds).

          Last I knew Backup Exec had NAS/SAN Support with the purchase of an Agent. (not 100% sure don't have a NAS/SAV)

          I would take a look at Symantec's 11d backup solutions and see if they would work for you. As for pricing it depends on how many servers and what type of data you are backing up. All sorts of information can be found about the above products at the link below.

          Symantec Corp. Backup Exec 11d and CPS

          Hope this helps in the decision process.

          Hope this helps.


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