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  • Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition

    The Norton antivirus server was removed long ago.
    Now i'm trying to remove the antivirus agents from the network computers but from the add/remove programs is not possible since there is password protection and the default password "symantec" does not work.
    How can i change the password from the registry so i will be able to uninstall them?
    Is there another way?

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    Re: Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition

    You have in the following article the steps needed to achieve what you want: . There was somewhere an article in the Symantec's KB, but they probably hide it good.

    1) Editing the Registry is a dangerous thing. There's no Undo available. This makes it disastrous in the wrong hands. It should be done when you fully understand what you are doing and when you take all the backup measures.
    2) I assume you have fully administrative rights over the computers you wish to alter. I assume your question is sincere and honest. Neither I, nor anyone on this forum can be held responsible for your actions, if you choose to abuse this advice. They are your actions, therefor you are the only one responsible for them.

    I advice you to read this Microsoft article too: . It deals with editing the Registry.
    Good luck.

    Sorin Solomon

    In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.


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      Re: Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition

      Google it, the Symantec instructions for a manual uninstall are on the first page.

      It's not hard, but takes a while to do. Part of the registry uninstall requires searching for a particular phrase over and over again... 100 times last time I counted...
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