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Hebrew file names - backup problems using OS win2k and XP

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  • Hebrew file names - backup problems using OS win2k and XP

    I am looking for a simple workstation backup/archive program to backup/restore Hebrew file names to a win2k server. My workstations are OS win98/win2k/XP. Would like to use compressed ZIP format.
    The simple workstation backup/archive program is required to backup important files located on the workstation immediately after data is entered and the file saved.
    I have no problem backing up workstations using OS win98 and 2nd copy backup progam.
    With OS win2k and XP one of the following occurs:
    1. Ignores Hebrew file names
    2. Replaces Hebrew file names with ????
    3. Replaces Hebrew file names with numbers
    4. Inversed Hebrew file name
    5. Can not restore
    Even win2k's backup program inverses the Hebrew file name!
    I have tried many shareware programs including:
    Argentum backup, Backup Genie, 2nd Copy 2, ViceVersa.
    The Win2k server uses Veritas "Backup Exec" to tape drive that backup/restores Hebrew file names successfully.
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Hebrew file names - backup problems using OS win2k and XP


    I am in the same situation as Wally Roberts with backing up files with Hebrew names. Has a solution ever been found?

    If you use other languages such as French or Spanish, changing the page code to Hebrew is not an option. I tried it and had the same issue that I had with Hebrew letters. The extended ASCII characters (the accents etc) now turned into question marks by the backup software.

    Thanks in advance.

    Dan Cohen
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