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backupexec 11d subdirs get not backup

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  • backupexec 11d subdirs get not backup


    (see solution at end)

    i have the following problem at the moment:

    i try to backup 3 folders:
    in the selection list i see:


    NO EXCLUDE i have checked twice

    what happens is that the folders will be backedup emtpy
    if i select the subfolders manually they get backed up.
    but that's not a solution i can't search every day for new folders...

    any idea?


    to my previews problem here
    i have posted what i did to solve it.

    the solution was:
    at the job configuration i had to change some settings.
    here is what i did:

    in the general tab: select Full - Using modified time you can not use archive bit in Linux...
    in the Advanced tab: in the open file backup when advanced open file option is not used: select Never.
    in the Linux, Unix, and Macintosh tab: select:preserve change time and Follow local mount points

    BTW: Follow local mount points was responsible for empty folders

    Yaniv F
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