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backup exec 11d fails on remote linux box

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  • backup exec 11d fails on remote linux box


    I have allot of problems with my new Symantec backup exec11d

    OS: server 2003 r2 fully updated

    P4 3GHZ with 1GB ram and 80GB HDD

    Backup exec 11d fully updated 1 exchange agent and 1 Linux agent also

    Quantum super loader LTO3 backup library

    My main problem is at the moment with the Linux agent (RALUS)

    If I select manually only 1 home folder the backup finishes but with + - 15 files skipped…

    If I select all home folders my backup fails there are some files skipped and then backup stops…

    How do I fix that? Should I post here the error logs?

    Thanks for any help
    Yaniv F

    the solution

    the remote box is Centos5 with almost 2TB storage

    i have configured backup exec to run 2 scripts 1 at backup start and 2 at backup end (pre and post)

    the scripts do the following:
    they sync ram to the file system with the "sync" command
    and right after that i create snapshots from the directory's i need to backup.
    here is a part from my script
    sync - snapshot - mount - echo's to some log file
    echo -n "creating snapshot snap-public            " >> /var/log/snap-script-log
    date >> /var/log/snap-script-log
    lvcreate -s -n snap-public -L 50G -p r /dev/storage/public
    echo -n "snap-public created                      " >> /var/log/snap-script-log
    date >> /var/log/snap-script-log
    echo -n "mounting snap-public to /mnt/snap/public/  " >> /var/log/snap-script-log
    date >> /var/log/snap-script-log
    mount /dev/storage/snap-public /mnt/snap/public/
    echo -n "snap-public mounted                      " >> /var/log/snap-script-log
    date >> /var/log/snap-script-log
    this will prevent while backup runs that files will get changed during backup

    and here the script that runs after backup.
    umount - delete snapshot

    echo -n "umount /mnt/snap/public/               " >> /var/log/snap-script-log
    date >> /var/log/snap-script-log
    umount /mnt/snap/public/
    echo -n "umount snap-public ok                  " >> /var/log/snap-script-log
    date >> /var/log/snap-script-log
    echo -n "lvremove /dev/storage/snap-public      " >> /var/log/snap-script-log
    date >> /var/log/snap-script-log
    lvremove -f /dev/storage/snap-public
    echo -n "lvremove snap-public ok                " >> /var/log/snap-script-log
    date >> /var/log/snap-script-log
    i hope this helps some one also...

    Yaniv F
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