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  • Partition Issue...

    Greeting everyone, my first time posting...

    Anyways I have a problem with a HDD that I'm having trouble repartitioning. There is a 4gb pri-dos partition and a 36gb extended-dos partion and no logical partitions in the extended partition. My problem is fdisk will not let me delete the extended-dos partition because it beleive there is a logical drive in the extended partition. However when I try to view or delete the logical drive there is no listing of such a drive configured. It's a drive I've had sitting around that was given to me from an old workmate and I just want to turn it into a single 40gb partition for storage purposes. I beleive the extended partition is a NTFS format; would that have anything to do with the reason I am unable to delete it with fdisk utility? This is a new issue to me so I'm goint to start by installing XP onto the 4gb primary dos partition and see if I can learn anything about the logical partition through the OS. Any help you have is appreciated.

    BTW Good site and solid forums....I've been trolling here a while.

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    If the partition you are trying to delete is NTFS then you need to use the Delete Non DOS Partition option under the Delete menu.

    If you are going to install XP on this drive, boot from the CD and when prompted delete the present partitions.
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      Thanks biggles.
      I ended up being able to remove that logical drive once I had XP installed on the primarty partition. I tried to remove it as a non-dos partition but fdisk wouldnt acknowledge that operation since the logical drive was part of an extended dos partition. I'd never run into an issue of fdisk not seeing a partion, oh well I'm all set so thanks for the feedback biggles77.