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Windows XP Media Center - Disk Controller Driver Gone AWOL?

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  • Windows XP Media Center - Disk Controller Driver Gone AWOL?

    Is there any means of re-installing a 3rdparty disk controller driver via limited dos that is accessible thru Windows XP Media Center dos window?

    My home windows xp media center Gateway GM5066E desktop is no longer booting to windows but instead is looping thru the black Windows Failed To Load screen that gives options for safe boot, last known configuration, etc. Regardless of which option I chose from this screen, it merely reloops and redisplays the black multi-option screen, and yes, my first choice when confronted with the screen was to choose Last Known Good Configuration, but, to no avail, it just re-looped.

    I'm fairly certain my boot dilemma was introduced via my last Windows Update Thursday nite April 12. I am a careful administrator of my machine and am diligent about daily antivirus protection practices and weekly or so Ad-Aware scanning and I connect to the internet thru a router with hardware firewall.

    What I think happened is WU overwrote the driver for my SATA2 harddrive (HDT722525DLA380, 250GB, maybe 12GB in use). Upon reboot following WU only the miniNT partition could be used. Previous to the WU-recommended reboot, I had rebooted without issue as recently as Sunday of that same week.

    My goal is to recover my windows install so as to not have to reconfigure all my disparate other applications by using Gateway's option.

    What have I tried?
    -- I've tried the vendor recovery CD, but, it isn't offering any option but clean install with destruction to all data

    -- I've called vendor support. Three times now as I've progressed with my own diagnosis of my problem. Gateway's only option is to use their recovery cd.

    -- I've gone into Bios and reset the drive configuration from SATA RAID to SATA ATA/IDE Mode and Configure SATA as IDE because initially on squirreling my way to a dos prompt there was not any visible C:\ drive, only the H:\miniNT partition and the CD Drive from which I had booted and I found a google-searched help item advising how a Dell machine had lost its ability to 'see' the C:\ drive.

    -- I've built an Offline NT Password & Registry Editor Bootdisk to try to edit

    -- I've visited Gateway's site to fetch the Intel Matrix Storage Manager driver.

    -- With a Windows XP Pro CD, I can use its repair feature from the blue Windows Setup screen to at least navigate my C:\ drive in its entirety. From one of the Windows logs, I scribbled the list of the WU from April 12 (none seem particularly prone to evil):


    -- I've searched many a newsgroup/forum site (including this site muchly) and know about the F6 feature on Windows setup and know WU can trash good drivers by overlaying MS-versions of drivers.

    I don't have a true Windows XP Media Center install disk, just what's available from Gateway's CD and the XP Pro CD for another home machine. Gateway doesn't seem able (or willing) to send me a non-restore version of WXMC.

    I have plans to create a BartPE CD to fetch my data, but ...

    ... I would really like to learn how to outsmart the draconian OneSize Fits All Sorry approach offered by the vendor <smile>. I might be wrong about the drive controller but it makes most sense to me.


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    Re: Windows XP Media Center - Disk Controller Driver Gone AWOL?

    Next time please post in the right forum (moved from Suggestions and Feedback).

    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services