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    I have a Toshiba Satellite Laptop (1805) and it came with windows ME. I upgraded to Windows XP (home) and I need to use the recovery cd to restore the computer but it is not working (I think because ME is no longer there and was the main os). now I ran fdisk, but now when I boot up the system it takes me to dos, when I put the recovery cd in the drive, it says cannot run from DOS, but I no longer have windows...... help, how do I use my recovery cd now? The drive is there, I looked in the directory, etc....

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    Recovery cds vary widely from version to version and from one OEM to the next. Unless someone here has a Toshiba recovery cd or experience using a similar version, I'm afraid posting here won't be of much help. I recommend that you contact Toshiba or post in a Toshiba forum for assistance.

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