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Intel Wireless software functionality

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  • Intel Wireless software functionality

    hi, i am using Intel Proset/Wireless software of version for my 3945ABG card.

    I have created a Administrator profile and imported to my systems. Users are able to connect to the wireless after login to the computer.

    Now the issue is, if user disconnects the wireless connection he is receiving following message prompting for YES or NO

    Once you disconnect, the network is marked as "manual". The next time that you want to use this network, click the connect button to manually connect

    I am selecting YES to disconnect the network. Here the problem comes. As per the message it should go to manual state, but my profile is going completely out of "Wireless Networks" in main Menu.

    I want to connect again, i have to goto profiles -->select profile--> click on connect.

    Can somebody tel me what could be the problem??

    I want to have my profile entry in main Wireless Networks menu even after disconnecting...

    NOTE: With earlier version of Wireless software (10.5), it is working without any problems. I am able to see my profile in wireless networks list even after disconnect. I just need to select that profile and say connect for reconnecting to the network


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    Re: Intel Wireless software functionality

    This sounds software specific which means it might be hard for those of us who don't have the Proset utility to troubleshoot.

    What is the "main wireless networks menu"?

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