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  • XP and Norton Ghost

    I use Norton Ghost to clone the first partiton of my Master disk, the C drive (containing XP and applications), to the second partition. My data is on the third partition. If I develop problems that Restore canít resolve it is easy to do an effective complete reinstall by cloning the second partition back to the first. This works well and is easy.

    Since I recently had a complete failure of my Master drive I want to keep a clone of the C drive on my Slave disk and use that disk as the Master if disaster strikes again. It just wonít work.

    With the Slave drive installed as Master, XP boots but freezes on the blue Welcome screen. If I add the old Master disk in the Slave position XP does boot but it is booting from the Slave (ie the old Master) disk. Explorer shows the first partition on the old Master is still called C and the first partition on the new Master(old Slave) is D, which is why the system couldnít find a C drive to boot from. I can change these drive letters using the excellent Petri article but although that can make the first partition of the new Master C, it leaves the first partition of the old Master as D and so that wonít run if I reinstall it.
    Has anyone any ideas how to make this work?

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    Hi Colin,

    I don't know what you did to back up the data on C to the second partition. If it were me , when I got everything looks nice in C, I would reboot the box and boot with Ghost.
    Then I'll choose, Local, Partition to Image and save the image of the C drive on the second partition.

    If I got problem with C I would boot the box up with Ghost bootdisk. And choose Local, Partition from Image and load that image back to C.

    So restoring a partition with Ghost is just a matter of 5 to 10 mins depends on how big your data is.

    Let me know if you need further assistance. I"ll try my best


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      Norton Ghost and XP

      Hi Azmantek
      Thanks for your response. I'll give it a try.