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HDD problem

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  • HDD problem

    first post and first question
    I have some strange problem that happend to me in the third time yesterday with my Seagate 250GB IDE HDD.
    the symptom is this:
    sometimes but mostly after restart , the hdd "forget" his partion, it means that if I have 250GB partition, suddenly when i try to access the drive is not formated, when I look at the partitions allocation in CMS I see 2 parttion, one healthy in size 80GB and the rest is the second partition.
    after It occured in the first time I formated the drive to one partition and didn't try to figure out what was the problem, after the second time I took the drive to the store where I bought it, and after a week I got a new HDD, in the library they told me the drive failed in some boot test... although that I can format it and work with it until it crash again.
    so I worked with the new one for a while without any problem until yesterday the problem appeared again! the same symptom and now I'm not so sure it's HDD problem...
    how I can check where the problem? I have another drive connected to the same IDE cable and it doesn't has problem at all...
    The problamatic drive used for sharing Video,music for a application, maybe it cause the problem because the app watch the drive all the time for new songs, video and more ....
    someone has this problem?
    OS : windows xp pro
    Thank you
    The desperate man

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    Re: HDD problem

    Use the Seagate tools to troubleshoot the drive.
    It is possible to get 2 bad drives in a row.
    Change the HDD data cable. Is the drive set to Master or Cable Select? Try setting to Master if you are using the default CS setting.
    Change the HDD to a different IDE Port.
    How old is your motherboard? It may need a BIOS update.
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