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wireless routers

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  • wireless routers

    had a right mess on with my Linksys WAG54g router this weekend. Using the wirless I don't think that linksys is a switch and all it does is route the nic's to the gateway and thus out to the net. As a result of this my pc's can't logon to the domain controller and collect their roaming profile.

    is there anyway of connecting my dc to the pc using nic's and then use a second nic to go out to the net?

    I can ping the dc from the pc. could it be the fact the wirless is showing only 11mbps and therefore a slow link. to sort this out I turned off slow link detection but to no avail.

    why won't they speak? I am using dhcp from the router, is this causing a problem for active directory. i have put in all the default gateways and dns etc.. into the NIc properties.