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Scheduled screen saver adjustments

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  • Scheduled screen saver adjustments

    I've got an LCD in the open floor that is using WhatsUP and DiskState to monitor our network. The issue I'm faced with is having the screensaver turned off from 7am to 5pm, and then having it turned back on after 5pm.

    What I've done is schedule a task to run from Monday through Friday at 7:00am that merges a .reg file that adjusts the ScreenSaveTimeOut to 36000 seconds (10 hours) and then I have another scheduled task that runs at 5:00pm that changes this value to 60 seconds so that the screen saver turns on at 5:01pm.

    At 5:01pm the screensaver activates as expected, but the problem is that we can't get the machine to automatically snap out of the screensaver mode at 7:00am despite the fact that the value has changed to 36000 seconds. Someone has to physically move the mouse, and then its good to go for 10 hours without the screen saver activating.

    Any suggestions that would get the screensaver to turn itself off at 7:00am when the timout changes to 10 hours?

    The machine is running Windows 2000 Professional with SP4.