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  • computer feels hot

    hi guys, i know nothing about how hot the computer is suppose to get so this might be a little dumb or newbie like but.....well i took out the case cover and feels how hot it is and it feels pretty hot like hot enough till where you hold it a kinda tight you have to take your hand off of posting this because also becuase well i dunno if my power supply fan is working wither because its a enermax and it max like little or no noise at all so i dunno because i thought i heard some noise from it at first but now its really quite....also is there a software program that i can dl to check how hoy my cpu or hd is???? also i have an extra 120mm fan but theres only 2 fan plug and ones for the cpu fan which is little (i think its useless but i dont wanna mess with it yet) and the other plug is for the power supply so should i just leave them alone or take the really small fan out of the cpu....and lasty is it better to shut down the computer everytime i leave or its ok to leave it on the whole day and just turn off the monitor...i always put it to hibernate at night though.....well hope this is not too much to ask for but if you want to help and advice me please do thank you and have a nice day