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Windows 2003 removing

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  • Windows 2003 removing

    I have a dual-boot configuration. How can I remove Windows 2003 from my system while keeping Windows 2000/XP?

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    Re: Windows 2003 removing

    So much info, where do I start?

    Delete contents of Windows Server 2003 partition and then edit Boot.ini to point to XP or 2000 as you seem to have a triple boot system.
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      Re: Windows 2003 removing

      Before we do that, how is the dual boot set up? Was WXP the first install then W2K3? Is NTLDR and the BOOT.INI in its own partition or part of WXP / W2K3? Or are you using a boot manager like BootMagic?

      If WXP was installed first and it's BOOT.INI is controlling your OS choices, then go with Biggles77's advice.

      If some other situation exists, especially if W2K3 was installed first and no separate boot partition / BootMagic, please post back with the setup and we'll go from there.


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