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Items to consider before posting

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  • Items to consider before posting

    When posting requests/questions, please include as much of the following as possible:
    Computer brand name (if applicable) ie HP, Compaq, Dell, IBM, Acer etc.
    Include Model number if it is a brand name.
    If not a brand name:
    * Include details of the part (numbers etc from the main chip).
    * FCC Id if it has one.
    * Numbers etc that are screen printed onto the board/card.
    Operating system (service packs etc).
    Software installed. ie if you have a burning problem what burning software do you use.
    The last time the system/device was working normally.
    Post errors from Event Viewer.
    Anything else you think might help.
    Please do not post the whole message in UPPERCASE.
    Please put each question on a new line. Makes post easier to read and answer.
    Double posts (also called cross postings) shall be deleted. Please do NOT post the same question in two (2) differnet Forums. Thank you.
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