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Initialize time on Dell PowerVault 220s

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  • Initialize time on Dell PowerVault 220s

    On Friday I installed a Dell PowerVault 220s (JBOD) on my clients PowerEdge 1600SC. The PowerVault has 3 x 146GB SCSI drives and is connected to its own PERC4 controller on the server.

    Using Dell OpenManager Server Administrator 5.1 I configured the three drives RAID-5 for a total of 276GB. The one-time background 'initialization' process of the virtual drive starts automatically and I am wondering if it is normal that it is so slow.

    On Sunday morning the initialization was only at 36%. Is this normal for 276GB?
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    Re: Initialize time on Dell PowerVault 220s

    That does seem quite slow. I'm sure by now you've dealt w/ Dell's wonderful phone support (no HP bias here as I'm sure it's just as bad). How has 'initialization' progressed?

    BTW, I've initialized RAID 5 arrays at least this large (more drives) on a PERC3 in hours so I'm voting that something is wrong -- flakey drive, controller, driver or ???
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      Re: Initialize time on Dell PowerVault 220s

      I spoke with a technician from Dell Enterprise Services and he thinks there may be an issue with the way the Dell OpenManage Server Administrator 5.1 software is communicating with the RAID controllers. This would make the negotiated speed of 5MB/sec a software issue when in fact, from a hardware standpoint it be at 320MB/sec.

      Although I upgraded the firmware of the existing PERC4 on Friday, there is now another driver update and a firmware update for both controllers. The driver update can be done remotely, but the firmware update requires booting the server with a floppy and my customer is 3 hours away.

      My plan is to wait until the initialization is completed and update the drivers only. Presently, the initialization is at 60% and the technician did not think this was too unreasonable. I am hopeful this corrects the problem (which may in fact not be a problem). Failing this, I will go down to my customer's site and upgrade the firmware when I return from holidays.

      The initialization should be finished within 48 hours. Thanks for asking. Incidently, the initialization is a background process so there is no reason the new drive can't be used. I made a choice not to use it until I was sure everything was working right.

      I would not have wanted the customer moving files over to the PowerVault only to discover I might have to do something catastrophic in my configuration
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