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Apple's iPhone ( upcoming 3rd generation device )

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  • Apple's iPhone ( upcoming 3rd generation device )

    Apple i Phone. Wow !!!!!! I am really awaiting to see real i Phone. Yesterday i saw video of macWorld 2007. Steve Jobs given big 1 hour 25 minutes keynote in a big event where Apple unleashed it's upcoming 3rd generation device called i Phone.

    I read in news paper, Cisco Systems sued them for the product design. Cisco system says Apple computers theft there design and etc etc for that specific product.

    But 1 must read features of that upcoming i Phone. Awesome !!!! No smart phone can compete against the i Phone. I saw the video of his keynote. It's a powerful gadget to say.

    i Phone is a combination of i Pod i.e. worlds famous music player by Apple, a EDGE mobile phone and a Inetrnet communciator. Most amazing thing i saw is
    this i Phone dont have baby browser. It has rich HTML based Safari web browser which we use normally on Mac machines or like IE on Windows. No more need to access special URL's designed for mobile phones or WAP. Amazing.

    The phone also has common features like 2 mega pixel camera, 3 way conferencing call and 802.11 b/g/n adapter inbuilt.. Yes it has "n" type too. Not just 802.11 b & g . They said the price would be 499 US$ with 4 GB flash memory.
    That sounds cool actually. Anybody saw this product on Apples web site? Its simply amazing. What do you think about this product?

    1 thing i dont like from his keynote. He made some funny comments towards Microsoft. Zune is in competition with iPod, but Steve jobs sais, in November 2006, market share of iPod was 63% and share of Zune player was 2% after the launch.

    He also showed video where normal PC says to Mac, "mate i need to go for big surgery beause of VISTA", The PC also mentions "I need to upgrade my memory, video card and etc etc". at other hand "Mac" says "I dont need to upgrade that much. I am already with Max 10 OS".

    What to say ......I have no word's..They r competitor's and they are pretty clever
    too. But i never saw Microsoft making such funny comment in any keynote or in any event. All sues Microsoft orally but i never heard some Microsoft employee made some funny comment towards its coompetitor.

    Amey Abhyankar.
    [ I am personally a big fan of William III Gates ..Errr I mean Bill Gates..hehe ! Yeah ..He is the best GURU . ]
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    Re: Apple's iPhone ( upcoming 3rd generation device )

    Amey, do you share this account with others or are you on drugs? Your posts have so much grammatical variation I would swear there are 3 or 4 people using your account.

    Lucky there are no links in this post otherwise I would consider it and ad, you know, spam and we know what happens there.
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