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Backup Exec Cataloging

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  • Backup Exec Cataloging


    I have just installed Backup Exec and created a an inventory and catalog of all the tapes.

    At present the tapes are all blank as no job has run yet.

    My question is when the job runs should I run a catalog job after it or does Backup Exec do this automatically?

    Or should i catalog once a month....


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    Re: Backup Exec Cataloging

    My understanding was that the Catalogue command records all the files on any given tape allowing you to search that catalogue at a later date for restore purposes, as Backup Exec performs a backup job it will automatically catalogue everything so you shouldn't need to do this routinely. I generally run an inventory on my 8 slot Autoloader when i change the tapes so backup exec knows what its holding.

    The symantec support site is fantastic for queries on this software so I would definately recommend that you check it out.


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      Re: Backup Exec Cataloging

      thanks mouse I will check that out !

      hail hail