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  • Home Storage Solution?

    I've got 10+ HDDs in various computers, and I was thinking about setting up a home NAS, preferably IDE (as I have more of them), but I'm not against SATA. I've been checking out Tom's Hardware's network area ( and nothing spectacular jumps out at me. I'd prefer not to to the home brew route, and whip up one using an old PC (although I've got a ton of them), as I'm looking for something relatively quiet and small form factor. Any suggestions? I'd prefer a 4 HDD solution, with easy expandability in the future. I've been looking at Infrant's stuff, but for my first time I'd rather not spend $600.

    Another idea is to get something like this (external USB / firewire / SATA box):

    However, I don't trust that site (never heard anything about them one way or the other), and the box looks so generic, I'm sure I can find it from a reputable store, and for less, but no luck so far.

    A third idea would be to make a HTPC (home theater PC), and or a PC w/ the new Home Server.

    Any suggestions?
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    Re: Home Storage Solution?

    Do you need RAID capabilities or not. If you do then i would go with the Buffalo TeraStation 1TB for about $775. However they are releasing a more powerful solution (same price) soon. I would go the nas route too, easier to share.

    I have no affiliation with them, I just happened to purchase one for a client.
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