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Enterprise IM / P2P?

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  • Enterprise IM / P2P?

    Out of curiousity, does anyone do this in their office? If so, how do you secure it, and record said IM logs / P2P usage? Come to think, where would P2P be used for good within a classical office scenario?
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    Re: Enterprise IM / P2P?


    i hope i understood your question...

    at my office some users use P2P for downloading linux distros they use Bittorent protocol. its most of the time faster then normal http or ftp downloads.

    with the software i have at IT level i can not monitor them...

    and about IM... you mean instant messaging?

    at our office skype and msn are one of the main communication programs...
    and e mail

    but soon it will change at my office... i plan to block all of this at FW level my boss approved it (to block p2p)
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