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Competition in the business

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  • Competition in the business

    For anyone that is self-employed, I am curious what you opinions are on the competition.

    I live in a small community about 2 hours away from any major cities. Up here, there are more and more fly-by-night network companies opening up, plus every computer retailer advertises themselves as a network expert. For the past five years I have gone behind several of these people and cleaned up their messes.

    I have a handful of customers locally, but I find there is more business outside our town so I have major companies in other towns and cities. Much of what I do is remote. I do not want to be the biggest, and I don't want it all. Right now I have a nice balance that allows me a quick response time, plus I make a comfortable living.

    There is another "computer consultant" nearby who happens to specialize in a proprietary software area that is out of my scope. I wished to collaborate with him by contracting his services through my company to look after a customer or two of mine. I though it perfectly reasonable and ethical to ask him if he would mind signing an non-disclosure non-compete agreement first. I know I have had to sign them in the past for two WAN companies I provide technical support for.

    Was this an unreasonable request (protecting my interests)?
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    Re: Competition in the business

    I would say no. I work for a small real estate broker and every contractor, employee, and partner we use/have has to sign a a confidentiality agreement and depending on the service, a non-compete.

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      Re: Competition in the business

      Ditto - he should have no problems signing such an agreement

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        Re: Competition in the business

        If the contract would be limited to those two customers of yours, then yes I would definitely have him sign, you'd be a fool otherwise.
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          Re: Competition in the business

          Since you want this gentleman to help you out and grow your business, why not throw him a bone while you protect your interests? Any chance he can sell his proprietary stuff to your clients? Include a clause making that possible (if practical). Also, what's your long term goal? Not to be the biggest but to be bigger than you are? How about a separate discussion on how to work that in the future should this current situation go well. Makes the Non-compete easier to take.

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            Re: Competition in the business

            I have a few customers that use Business Visions accouning and I do not specialize in accounting software and troubleshooting Pervasive SQL issues. I am only interested in subcontracting the individual for the benifit of a few customers.
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